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Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

 Our principle is based on “Customers, Technology, Service” to give our customers the best quality.

 Meicheng was established in 1994 with the production of Audio & Video products. Our business specializes in audio / video equipment to fulfill the client’s needs of organizational and private sector. We continue to deliver professional yet affordable applications for our clients to explore their audio, video solutions. Over the years, we know that quality is the key to success. That why we just provide the best products of its kind available in the market.

 To us, the customer services are as important as product quality, and our customers have good long-term relationship and high satisfaction with us. Therefore, we do our best to exceed customers expectations from the first moment until the products arrived and are finally used.

 Meicheng is insisted on quality and customer service has granted its widespread recognition, and many customers such as Taiwan National Palace Museum, Central Trust of China, and the Ministry of National defense has received our services.


Headquarter :
Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.
13F., No.2, Jian 8th Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL:+ 8862-8228-0311
Fax:+ 8862-8228-0319

The Factory Certificate No.99-718886-00 from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of
    the Taiwan government.
The D&B D-U-N-S® Number is : 65-774-9516  Duns No. : 65-774-9516
Synonymous with modern conference - Green conferencing
 systems and paperless conference management system :

 MeiCheng Audio Video Co., Ltd. provides services of modern multimedia conferencing systems. Our professional ability integrates research and develops professional autonomy for overall enterprise call-center service solutions. We also can help customers quickly applying the professional service process and have lots of experience on building customer service centers. Our services include customize function modules and mechanisms which meet corporate customers future diversification and customization needs.

 For our clients, we can provide the technical advisory services. For example : network building, purchasing customers service systems, integrated back-end information systems, plan customers services process and manage customers’ relationship.

 We have build on downstream resources experience of abundant service center and provide customized plans. meeting rooms, conference rooms, video conferencing, distance learning, conferencing systems, conference microphones, simultaneous translation, construction of multi-country translation of wireless translation, planning and real-time translation suggestions etc.

 By Remote video conferencing system interpersonal communication, there are no barriers between all nations of this world. It shows you digital video transmission, instant meeting get to shine and meet real multimedia virtual space on the visual world.

 Generally, the conference table will set a microphone and speakers conference management systems to provide the participants for speaking needs. Combined sound systems, can expand PA recording and multimedia features at conference or presentation, and needed the precise calibration systemsto provide adequate volume and avoid clamor feedback sounds effectively.

Computer environment based on instant conferencing systems :

   Nowadays the meeting rooms are very important places in government agencies, educational institutions and private enterprises indispensable occasions. Conference rooms combined with video conferencing systems then conference rooms can be connected with different locations abroad through telecommunications networks.

    Participants in their conference rooms not only to hear each other's voices, but also can be designed to improve the visual presentation via the system. Moving images to the large screens to see the chart data of both through two computers which can send documents to each other as face-to-face meetings. Also the combination of situational environmental control system includes speaking conference control, control the recording scene, and broadcast or lighting scenes. You touch the screen to control simply, pre-plan and process control mode, and then the meeting is in your control completely all the time.

Meicheng also provide professional design plans as following :
Equipments of meeting rooms:

 With customers operating habits there are different types of microphones for speakers at the conference table of conference management systems. Combined sound systems with audio conference or briefing conducts meet the expansion for recording and multimedia features with the need of precise calibration systems. For provide sufficient volume and avoid clamor feedback sounds.


Speaking microphone types are: Desktop HS-9700c / d, Embedded HS-6200c / d, Flat Type HT-3700c / d, Desktop (including vote button) HS-9700cv/dv, and Embedded (including vote button) HS-6200c / d. There are total five kinds of choices.

Conference management system types are: Standard HS-8100, Multifunctional HS-9100, Multifunctional (built-voting) HS-9100v, and Vote system host DVT-2000. There are total four kinds of choices.
Sound systems: size and decorated with site environmental needs, select the appropriate power ceiling speakers or speaker and Amplifier. The systems can be additionally configured wireless microphone set, multitasks mixing machine, equalizer, feedback suppressor and Audio Processor Increase in multi-way radio… etc. and individual adjustment of sound.
Recording equipment types are: Digital tape players MT-1, Cabinet-type digital tape players MT-101, and Portable digital recorder PDR-1.
Conducting remote telephone conference or remote network meetings indispensable audio adjustment stars commodities: telephone coupler HS-168, TOUCH-511, remote audio processor conference【Conference Echo Canceller】HT-D1000 telephone coupling is HS-168, TOUCH-511: They all design especially for telephone conference designed to provide clear crisp, clear telephone conferencing applications, manage dial-up, therefore the design of the user interface has become very easy. They also can be applied to all levels of government, schools, private enterprise conference rooms, and high efficiency digital audio systems.
【Conference Echo Canceller】HT-D1000: Specifically design for video conferencing and using web video conferencing professional echo cancellation system, and they can handle long-distance meetings often encountered annoying echo problem. Provide good sound quality to the participants.
Multinational simultaneous translation equipment :
Conference with simultaneous translation function has a separate briefing room usually translated room. Simultaneous translation system is the spokesman for the soundtrack. Amplifying the signal sent by the host simultaneous translation chamber. And then by the time translators live simultaneous interpretation. Meetings sent to the scene via a wired or wireless devices have different languages need of the participants are wearing headphones. To look forward to in a number of different countries or ethnic congregation occasions, using the products can communicate with each other and discussion purposes quickly and easily.
Simultaneous translation hosts, UHF wireless transmission, type coping with the reality of different habits are: Desktop long-distance navigation radio transmitter TG-10STX, Portable transmitter (With a lapel microphone) WT-480T, Hand held transmitter e-8TH…etc. There are total three options.
  UHF wireless transmission, Type: Portable Receiver (With single-ear headphone)
Video projection equipment :

 Projection large screens equipment is indispensable in the main conference room. Multimedia presentations can be projected screenings or computer information screen, Well-designed meeting rooms can also provide multiple sets of auxiliary projection screen or display device. Conference decision to provide the desired diversity of information screen;

 Also with interactive whiteboard and physical (data) prompter and it can meet fully the diverse needs of conference briefing rooms.

 Projection large screens equipment is indispensable in the main conference room. Multimedia presentations can be projected screenings or display device.

Projection equipment :
Projectors: In addition to the demand projection brightness with a resolution of different things: According to the different environment there are general, short-focus, interactive, wireless networks and other kinds of selection besides there are also high brightness, high resolution and telephoto types to provide different options.
Screens: Except screen sizes, different materials: pull with hands (87.5 to 120 inches), mobile (75 to 100 inches), and electric (87.5 to 150 inches). According to the different environment there are large electric screens; pull the curtain, projection screen, whiteboard screens can be written to provide different options.Interactive Whiteboard: only software or including hardware (touch screen) and other different kinds of options.
Interactive Whiteboard: only software or including hardware (touch screen) and other different kinds of options.
Physical (data) teleprompter: By pixel, carrying convenience and light boxes or different kinds of options.
Display devices: :
LCD or plasma display: without TV tuner box models; Plasma: 42 inch type, 50 inch type, 65 inch type, LCD: 40 inch type, 46 inch type.
LCD TV: Built-in or including TV tuner box models: 32 inch type~ 55 inch type.
Video conferencing equipments :
 At video conferencing capability in today’s area of globalization seems to become one of the standard system requirements with internet information communication networks. Crossing counties with remote multi-point video conferencing capabilities will enhance the efficiency of communication and time costs. Video conferencing systems can separate the two conference rooms or multiple locations projection devices. All participants have the feeling of meeting together in person or face to face to discuss with agenda together.

Cloud conferencing service :
   Users have video terminal display device simply. (For example: monitor, video camera, microphone.) You do not need to install or multi-point video conferencing host controller hardware or video conferencing invited participants directly to connect to a remote host computer (cloud) with open talking. For example Colife online conference system: users register simply on the computer or mobile device to install the software and get invited conference presenter then they can join an online meeting or online speech.

 You can also synchronize whiteboard, desktop, and instant messages. 【Colife online conference system by the National High-Performance Computing Center (NCHC) development.】

Multi-point video conferencing host computer or controller hardware :
By using standard protocols H.323/SIP. There are many available brands for example: Cisco (Tandberg), Polycom, Sony, Panasonic etc.
Photography Edit Equipment :
 Full-function color camera and associated control system structure, can capture conference presentations live or speakers instant, and video conferencing systems via real-time transmission to remote live video conference room and meet the needs of proceedings.
  Full-function Color Camera:SFULL HD High-Definition HD-700, combine Digital Conference System HS-9100, when click speech button on microphone, can achieve video tracking. Together with Recorder Equipment can achieve meeting of all recorded.
IS-LT-03 HD Lock & Track Lecture Camera—IS-LT03
   Supports up to 550TVL image resolution, The device uses the advanced intelligent video analysis techniques to detect、Moving Target Tracking, Smooth Tracking Process, setting tracking target without wearing any sensors, can track the target in the central scene box accurately, easy to use.
Full- function 3D Control Keyboard—UV-1000KBD
    Can control three type cameras to parameter setting for Rotation, zooming, iris, focus and camera, facilitate the use of smart 3D joystick control operation.
Recording Equipment:
   High-definition video recorder HVR-6040HHVR-6048H, via HDMI、Component YPbPr or CVBS sources, can choice one to audio Recording to USB external device (flash drive or hard drive speed), easy to save the Conference Record and process digital files.
Streaming Recorder & Automatic Learning System - DSS-R-CL1100 Pro
    Record signal from computer and live audio, video simultaneously、remotely online instant viewing, remote online demand, support remote download, remote control and management of the system, It is all-in-one device(Can record、watch、download).
Environmental Control Systems :
 With the implementation of the concept of the overall system planning and integration technologies, Users can control the entire device system easily via the user-friendly operation interface. Environmental control can integration of various appliances, conference audio equipment, AV audio-visual systems, lighting control systems…to achieve the goal with meeting space for fully automatic control and effective management
  Green Meeting And The Reference Points Of Environmental Events Perform Norms.
 Domestic part, Include government, academia and business, all kinds of meetings and rallies organized by far more than thousands each year, Therefore, how the government established environmental standards and practices organized gatherings norms, let the government and enterprises and the community can follow. To reflect the government's green power determination, It is necessary and urgent. Although Currently, The Environmental Protection Agency to promote policy measures similar "Office For Environmental Protection", "Green Mark", "Green Procurement" ........etc. But Green Action guidance on gathering activities are extremely rare and scattered. Green norms organized so far have not been a formal announcement meeting or event.

 Otherwise, Recommended all levels of government can result when local conditions, further administrative management, environmental protection should be announced when the meeting or event organized by compliance matters, to the concrete implementation of the concept of green meetings and events.

 When transforming about the economy period, enterprise development challenges face the transition from extensive to intensive in. From product inventory system process to corporate cost control, must form a scientific and effective management methods, and this is the most troublesome problem for enterprises small-and medium-size businesses:Frequent conflicts between work habits for many years formed and management systems. Have to start from the modern digital technologies to solve the problem,,Can help companies achieve standardized management and significantly reduce spending as the best choice for video conferencing system.

In the enterprise, there are two main video conferencing applications sense, and be closely related diverse functions with the system :
A , Reduce Expenses:
   With the world economic, many medium and small businesses are beginning to take over orders from various regions and abroad. To expend business, Increase significantly the expense about communication, travel, meeting. In particular, a larger invested capital in the pre-project. The use of video conferencing systems can be said to be a good control costs, reduce spending ways.
1. Teleconference:
   Cloud platform virtual meetings may be held at any time, can quickly send information or VOIP dial complete the convening, “Conference Room” Setting the function about Roll Call, speaking, recording, background subtitles, interactive high-definition video, multi-screen conferences…..etc. The costs reduction about the necessary conference site, personnel, equipment, supplies, to achieve the low-cost conference.
2. Alternative Travel:
   Due to the high travel costs arising from participants or offsite business enterprises are major items of daily expenses. To discuss with real-time online meetings via cloud conferencing systems, not only can avoid long distant, but also improve efficiency. More opportunities for cooperation under no circumstances travel spending, Also brings a healthy, regular work for the business people.
3. Daily coordination:
   Increase branch offices from enterprise, cover the country and overseas, daily communication and coordination, Due to the benefit of video conferencing applications, remote online meetings extremely convenient, accelerate the flow about the message, Electronic version of the document generation, co-edited files, web collaboration, whiteboard sharing Digitized green office model,,Compared to traditional paper work, the cost of their daily office expenses also reduced a lot.
B , Enhance the management level:
 If the actual work longer time with standard management processes、difficult. The video conferencing applications can play a supporting role, combined with the system function explained, the performance of the following areas:
Architecture rationalization:
   For many medium and small enterprises, the old corporate structure formation for many years. In fact many of them are not clear, only in the stage of consciousness. As companies continue to grow, the unclear responsibilities question will be ubiquitous, the cloud meeting capabilities with the tree structure, enterprise platform based on a reasonable allocation framework first, and then proceed to the reform will be much simpler, but also the level of the good foundation about the after communication and meetings
Scientific process:
   Take in, production, sale, storage is the most medium and small enterprises in the business chain, Meticulous management is where you want to implement all aspects of science, in-depth institutionalized control. Thereby forming a chain of processes. The design of cloud meeting takes into account this point, achieve full HD video supplier、customer instant communication, To remote monitoring of production site management, with a clear hierarchical organization, achieve high efficiency of internal communication, controls the whole enterprise business process in a ready platform for online meetings, receive the message immediately、generate and monitor the implementation of decisions. In that way, All seems very complicated work meeting can achieve through the cloud quickly, not only significantly reduce costs, also bring more several times intangible benefits.
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Our Products :
 Everything we do in Meicheng aims to approach the best performance, productivity, and competitive advantage. Therefore, it is our key goal to deliver reliable, value-add products and services. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of audio, video solutions such as virtual studio layout, audio streaming system, video production system, language and wireless mobile delegate systems. Several Meicheng total solutions are :
 Visual Studio Layout: Meicheng provides integrated studio systems for you to succeed in TV program edition, multi-media production, and company image formation. The complete studio solution includes: Digital Video Processor (video mixer / editor),
DVD Digital Video Recorder and Player, PC to Video Overlay, Video Scan Converter, AV Matrix Switcher, VGA Matrix Switcher,
ENG Wireless System, and 100 Disc CD, VCD, and DVD duplicator.
 Audio Streaming Solution: We offer a complete range of audio streaming solutions that can help you to achieve professional audio performance. From auto tracking wireless mic. column transmitter/ amplifier system, DigiRec Microphone (Broadcast System), audio conference system to digital MP3 audio recorder / music guide, Meicheng’s state-of-the-art audio solutions deliver incredible sound quality and will definitely drive new power to your creativities.
 Video Solution includes: in addition to the audio streaming solutions, Meicheng bondless all video systems together for you to increase your virtual presentation power. By implementing our video solutions, for example, firms can increase their competitive advantage with new media productions such as new product presentation.
Our digital video recorders (AV-Camcord and MP4 digital video recorder), are capable to record video in MP4 format, facilitating your needs for file distribution and content access. The video solutions includes:
Portable Multi Media System (PMMS-7p), Portable MP4 Video Recorder, AV-Camcord, Picture in Picture, Multimedia Central Control System, and CCTV IP Camera.

 Wireless Language Interpreters/ Tour Guide System: We offer a complete wireless transmitter/ receiver, audio conference system, and tour guide system for your effortless communications.
These cost-effective solutions are created for organizations or governments that require touring / language interpretation services.
   The tour guide system (portable wireless transmitter / receiver) can be used in factoring, museum, on-job training and provide effective multi-language interpretation service in an international conference.

 Our products include: Tour Guide System WT-480T/R, PA-100 Multilanguage Translation, CUE / Theater / Opera / Performance System.

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 Meicheng welcome all inquiries from most businesses, schools, organizations and government agencies. For all partnership and business opportunities, please email us. Our representative will contact you as soon as possible.
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