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 HVR-7300_Quick easy V high definition video recorder

HVR-7300  Quick Easy V High Definition Video Recorder

Support stand-along mode to record video; support various types USB flash drive, external hard drive (Maximum storage capacity: 2TB), Press one button to record/stop.
DMI[DVI-D],AV[S-Video],SDI three input interface, it’s able to connect with several video equipments such as: set-top box, video player, video game and medical camera.
Support HDMI output port, records while you are playing games or enjoying favorite videos without interruption.
Support transfer HDMI, DVI-D, SDI, AV, S-Video and L/R stereo audio input signals to HDMI output, and can enhance video resolution.
Support plug and Play, easy operating.
Support any lower than 1080P video resolution to enhance to 1080P resolution to recording and watching, effectively improve video quality.
Support instant video playback after recording, can viewing the video files in USB flash drive and external hard drive.
Support up to 3840x2160 (30p) ultra-high resolution video, recording file will be 1080P 30 frames per second.
Adopts advanced hardware H.264 encoding to capture your video in stunning effect.
Support schedule recording, it will not miss any TV programs. [HVR-7300 must stay turn on status.]
Enhanced adaptability, support continuity recording if the input signal been interrupted accidentally.
Equipped USB interface to connect with PC, support to using as capture card, and can watching and recording video on PC.

HVR-7300 Mode2

This model is not only able to connect with USB flash drive, mobile hard disk and storage directly but also can use as USB3.0 video capture card. (Delay time around 2secs.) Recorder equips software to capture video picture, video recorder, pre-view and local webcast function. It also support AMCap OBS studio, XSplit Live broadcast software, PotPlayer video player software, QQ instant Messaging software. User can freely download the latest drive software in the official website.

Specifications :
Input port SDI×1,HDMI×1,Video+Audio L/R ×1、3.5mm audio input×1
Output port HDMI ×1(pass-through),USB ×1(USB2.0,Writing speed>10MB/s)、Mirco USB X1(USB2.0,USB to PC),3.5mm audio input×1
Video signal formats NTSC / PAL / PAL 60
Input resolution 3840x2160 (30p),2560x1440 (60p)
Range:640x480 ~ 1920x1080(60P)
HDMI Output resolution
1920x1080 (60p),1280x720 (60p)
Stand-along recording resolution
1920x1080 (30p),1280x720 (60p)
PC recording resolution
1920x1080 (30p),1280x720 (60p),1280x720 (30p),640x480 (60p),720x480 (60p),720x576 (50p)
Encoding format
H.264+AAC Hardware compression output file: mp4 format, capacity around 10mins for 1G ;
USB flash drive support FAT/FAT32 format [Storage capacity up to 64G]; External hard drive support FAT/FAT32/NTFS format (not support EXFAT format)[Storage capacity up to 2TB]
Recording bit rate
4 / 10 / 16 Mbps settable
Recording files size
Maximum size of a file is limited to 2GB or unlimited
Remote controller
IR remote controller x 1
DC 5V 2A
Dimension/Weight 116×112×25 mm / 550 g

Application :

 HVR-7300 mode1

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