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System Power Supply Controller (KPS-12SD)
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Power Supply Controller can manage the power in the professional integration system.
Power management in multi-media conditions
1) Network remote integration
2) Video conference integration
3) Audio and video solutions integration
4) PA broadcasting system integration
Industrialized automation power management
1) Factory automation PMS
2) Transporation automation PMS
3) Outdoor electronic illumination display PMS
4) Burning room PMS
Telecommunications generator room power management
1) Voice over IP PMS
2) Base station PMS

40A rating, with circuit breaker. Voltmeter to display incoming mains voltage.
Good-sized connection terminal equipped with protective shield to guaranty the security.
12-channel output, each with 20A, uses all-purpose outlets for different plugs.
The KPS-12SD offers all basic power conditioning features. It provides varistor spike and surge protection across all three modes (line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground), specialized 40A multi-stage EMI filter is used to purify system power. The filter works to prevent noise from fluorescent lights, certain dimmers, radio transmitters, and similar sources of “electronic pollution” from leaking from the AC line to audio, video, or computer circuits. Ensuring the system operation stability and optimal performance.
Intelligent design with MCU controlled, and with multiple control modes and interfaces :
Direct control modes Key switch control
  Standby key START ON-OFF sequence control
IR remote controller
External control modes Emergency/External DC 24V control in
  REM IN (TTL) DC 5V control in
Standard RS-232 serial interface (IN / OUT)
  Meeting all kinds of system configuration requirements.
Flexible functional PC control software is supplied for system control. It can be programmed and controlled by PC through RS-232 interface.
IR remote controller can be used to switch on/off any channel output.
Remote controller can be also used to multiple operation modes:
  A. It can set any channel as bypass mode.
  B. The delay interval (the time between the sequential turn-on or turn-off outlets 1 and 2, or 2 and 3) can be adjusted to a maximum of 10 minutes. Meeting special requirements of certain equipments (e.g. projector or others).
Key Lock function to prevent accidental operation, and assist user administration.
Mechanical Dimensions: 3UH, 19inch W
Construction: black and silver anodized aluminum panels.

Parts and Functions:

Front Panel

40A Circuit Breaker

AC Voltmeter

Channel Power Status LED indicator

LOCK Indicator

Delay Interval Setting Indicator

SET ON indicates turn-on delay setting mode;

SET OFF indicates turn-off delay setting mode in reversed sequence.

   OK indicates delay interval setting orders are being carried out.

IR Sensor

STANDBY is a shortcut control key, push to on, and push again to off.

Key Switch turn the key clockwise to switch on and turn anticlockwise to switch off.

EMG/EXT (DC 12V~24V): Emergency/External start control.

REM IN (DC 5V) for IR remote control input

RS-232 IN

RS-232 OUT

1~12 OUTLETS (Channel 1 ~12)

Mains Connection Terminal

Wiring Terminal Protective Shield



1. Mains connection

A. Use 2.5, 4.0, or 6.0 RV/RVV/BV/BVV copper wires according to power

   Note: Properly connect in through L(live), N(neutral) and Ground wire.

B. When the circuit breaker is on, voltmeter indicates the AC voltage.


2. Control Operation

A. Ensure “LOCK” on the front panel lights off.

  Press the STANDBY key on front Panel, to turn on/off power. During the turning
on/off process, press STANDBY to finish operation.

  Note: “press” in this operation means “press and hold the key for seconds
(When the key is effectively on, there is change in LOCK status).

B. Use 1-12 Channel Control Key to control the power on/off of each channel
when “LOCK” is off

C. Use Key Switch to turn on/off power, independent of LOCK status.

Note: Remote Control can not control “LOCK” when Key Switch is on.


3. Set-up Operation:

Use Remote Control to set up the system after power is turned off and “LOCK” is lit.

A. Set on/off BYPASS:

Set on any channel as BYPASS, then the channel outlet being switched on. Equipments incorporating clocks or timers such as MTC timer controller, VCR’s, or equipment that must respond to wireless remote actuation should use the outlets.

Sample 1:

Set on Channel 1 and Channel 2 as BYPASS. 

Press Set on to light on. Press “1” key on, then press BY, and OK Indicator lights up for 1 second, showing the setting is confirmed. Press “2” key on, then press BY, and OK Indicator lights up for 1 second, showing the setting is accomplished. Thus Channel 1 and Channel 2 become BYPASS, and both channels light up constantly.

Sample 2:

Set Channel 2 off BYPASS.

Press Set off to light on. Press “2” key, then press BY, channel 2 turn off, and OK Indicator lights on for 1 second, showing the setting is accomplished. Thus Channel 2 cancel BYPASS mode.

B. Set the delay interval between adjacent channels of power up or down:

The delay time is factory preset as 1 second between adjacent channels. It can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements.

Sample 1:

To set the turn-on delay interval from Channel 1 to Channel 2 at 0.5 second. 

Press “Set on”, and the “Set on” LED on Front Panel lights up. Press “2” key and the “2” LED on Front Panel lights up, then press 0.5s key, and OK Indicator lights up for 1 second, showing the setting is confirmed.

Sample 2:

Set the delay time of sequential turn off from Channel 3 to Channel 2 is 300 second. Press “Set off” key and the “Set off” LED on Front Panel lights up. Press “2” key, then press “300s” key, and “OK” Indicator lights up for 1 second, showing the setting is accomplished.

Sample 3:

Set the delay time of sequential turn on from Channel 1 to Channel 2 is 0.5 second. Press “Set on” and the “Set on” LED on Front Panel lights up. Press “ALL” key, then all the indicators of 12 channels light up, press 0.5s key, and “OK” Indicator lights up for 1 second, showing the setting is confirmed.

Note: Press ESC key to exit setting mode. If you do no operation after setting, it will exit automatically a little time later.


C. Factory Preset Recovery:

The delay time is factory preset as 1 second between adjacent channels. Users can return to factory preset according to needs.

When LOCK indicator is on, hold ESC key till all “Set on”, “OK”, “Set off” indicators flash simultaneously, then recovery is accomplished.


4. External Controls:

Standard models have a variety of external control connectors, controlled by external equipments.

A. EMG/EXT connection terminal

It’s used for emergency or external control needs. When the control signal coming, the equipment will power up quickly (0.5 seconds delay). The control signal is within the range of DC12V~24V, polarity free, insulated through light coupling.

B.REM IN provides a common external TTL control mode, which is conveniently embedded in central control systems. DC5V for IR Remote Control input.

C. RS-232 standard serial interface provides an open platform to control this equipment
more flexibly. Connected computers can operate, control, program, and set 1 or more KPS-12SD. They meet the requirements of complex and diverse systems.


Installation and Connection :

The equipment is 19inch 3UH standard rack mounted cabinet. 

Synchronous control and connection of multiple power supplies



It applies especially to multiple power supplies in one system. Synchronous control of dependent power supplies can be realized both in direct control and REM external control modes of host power supply.

PC Control Connection
 1.Single system control

 2.Multi system control
 Control System Connection :