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PDR-1 Portable Digital Audio Recorder
PDR-1 Portable Digital Recorder, it is a special device for sound recording with high quality designed, two microphones 1/4"(6.3Ø) or build-in microphone, and it assists high quality recording modes, 96 KHz WAV and 48 KHz MP3. It can be said that “PDR-1” recorder is one of the most successful digital voice recorder.

Nowadays, hand-in recorders, PDR-1 equipped the functions about high recording quality of 16 bit and build-in excellent quality two jacks input.

“PDR-1” digital player has fashioned appearance and good quality. You will love this device and the price is reasonable.



1. Support high quality 96 KHz WAV and 48 KHz MP3 recording formats.

2. Stereo built-in condenser microphones.

3. Stereo audio inputs, switch to microphone, guitar, piano, other instruments and line-in recording sources.

4. Volume control for input and output level adjustment.

5. Stereo earphone jack.

6. Built-in flash memory.

7. Equipped with an expanded memory socket of SD card.

8. USB port for computer connection and DC power in.

9. Equipped with a monitor speaker.

10. Work at two AA batteries, or USB DC 5V adaptor.

Built-in microphone
You don’t need to buy microphones or USB connectors, because PDR-1has already built-in high quality stereo microphone. PDR-1 digital voice recorder equipped professional control, such as, the switch of mono, stereo, low-cut filter, and gain boost. However, if you still insist on using Line In microphone, you also can use 1/4"(6.3Ø) microphone.

Not only music

PDR-1 voice recorder is the most suitable live recording device in various music performance and music producer could use this device to record anything in anytime. The application of PDR-1 does not resist in the music area, it also can record the content of lecture. Journalist can throw old cassette away and use PDR-1 to record anything they need. PDR-1 includes high quality two jacks inputs microphone and the permanence of battery. You will be satisfied with the result of recording.

Recording technology
PDR-1 portable digital memory recorder can record various kinds of music about the performance of band or the natural. It can use for conferences and business language learning. Linear PCM audio recorder has high acoustic recording quality, digital voice recorder PDR-1 included two microphones. Therefore, professional recorder will love this portable digital voice recorder very much.

PDR-1 is a rugged high-fidelity mobile 2-channel digital recorder that records WAV and MP3 files—perfect for everything from professional field recording to corporate meetings, training, education and worship. Record via balanced line inputs or built-in condenser microphone preamps complete with phantom power for studio-quality microphones. Connect to a PC via USB Connector and simply drag and drop recordings to your computer for immediate editing or Web posting. Power derives from two AA batteries, and USB type DC power adapter.

Sound technology
You can feel the real situation of the recording commentary.

PDR-1 professional solid state portable recorder has digital amplifier and special frequency Supreme. The compressed music also has good quality.

Digital Audio Recorder records meeting and interview exactly.

Several of business occasions could utilize PDR-1 digital player effectively. It can not miss any staffs’ presentations at the meeting. It’s easy to control the speed of play and manage the original draft of conference and interview.

PDR-1’s ability to record directly to MP3 or WAV files and transfer them instantly to the computer means that you can e-mail or post high-quality recordings to the Web immediately. Musicians can e-mail demos to writing/production partners and record companies when the inspiration strikes. PDR-1 includes flash memory 128 MB, so business users can easily upload meetings and presentations for review and wider dissemination immediately. Educators can post classes, lectures and seminars without delay. Faith-based organizations can quickly broadcast worship services and speakers. Professional presenters can create and sell back-end collateral content almost instantly—and the list goes on.

Implication of the comprehension about language!

PDR-1 digital recorder with SD card can record the conversation of language learning and confirm your pronunciation. PDR-1 track flash portable digital memory recorder use for internet recording about English news and learning material of language, in addition, it’s easy to manage your computer. It is an excellent digital voice recording device while traveling in the overseas.

MEICHENG PDR-1 portable high sampling stereo recorder
Meicheng develops high sampling frequency SD card recorder, and professional digital voice recording in order to conform the necessary of professional live recording. Track flash Portable digital memory stereo recorder can connect to professional audio video device. PDR-1 digital voice tracer is easy used and equipped big LCD screen. All recording files can transmit to computer via USB port.

Portable Digital Audio Recorder PDR-1 is a high-class digital voice recorder, music player and portable storage device is perfect for the on-the-go individual. Record your daily meetings or lectures with ease in popular WAV or MP3 format. Store and organize your files on the PDR-1 digital MP3 player and transfer to your PC with the easy-to-use "USB Direct" design. Or, listen to your favorite artists in high-quality stereo sound!

High sampling rate
PDR-1 digital transcriber kit supports high sampling rate of 24-bit/ 48 KHz. You can record WAV or MP3 via flash memory or SD card. It can transmit audio files to PC or Mac quickly via USB connector.

This device includes a pair of 6.3Ø microphone, phantom power, it can control unforeknown of the peak value to avoid unreality. PDR-1 digital voice recorder also includes unbalanced input and output, and monitors recording. PDR-1 has build-in monitor speaker which can adjust the volume. It has built-in microphone which can use for interview and education training.

The SD card can plug to PDR-1 very closely and guarantee the high security of recording. PDR-1 digital player uses AA alkaline battery and it could record and play around 5.5 hours. The weight is less than 2 pounds (including battery). After complete recording, you can transmit the files to computer quickly via USB port or SD card.

You can record as many unique files as the capacity of your available storage allows. Then just connect PDR-1 to your PC via USB port, and it appears as a USB mass storage device showing the unique identification number of each file. Just drag and drop the files to your computer’s hard drive and your audio is ready to edit and/or post to the Web.

Recording precisely
PDR-1 digital MP3 stereo recording and playback equipped 48 KHz/ 24-bit high recording resolution, so there is no noise during recording. High quality microphone amplifier provide phantom power, and it can avoid unreality of recording.

Smart Function
Although the original aim of PDR-1 digital MP3 recorder is designed for movies manufacture and live recording, you also can use this device in the class, home and recording studio. School bands and orchestra could use PDR-1 to record or apply it in the formal performance. In addition, church can record several of activity and copy it to CD or keep in a file.

Build-in professional functions, high analytic recording and digital recorder with small SD card convenient...etc. PDR-1 has become high reliance and portable professional recording equipment.

MEICHENG pocket memo PDR-1 digital recorder will go anywhere you need to record—but don’t let its small size fool you. Thanks to leaps in miniaturization, this rugged device is in the same class as our critically acclaimed audio interfaces. Pro-quality preamps complete with phantom power will work with your favorite condenser microphones virtually anywhere you need to capture audio.

PDR-1 professional portable recorder has high quality sound signal, 2GB memory card, various of convenient operation and fashion appearance. All stereo can connect separate microphones and provide excellent recording. PDR-1 digital voice recorder transcription kit is not only the simple recording tool, but also it can apply for various of functions, such as, interview, conferences, speeches, negotiation and concerts.

Feature :
Support high quality 96KHz WAV and 48KHz MP3 recording formats.
Stereo audio inputs, switch to microphone, guitar, piano, other instruments and line-in recording sources.
Stereo built-in condenser microphones.
Volume control for input and output level adjustment
Equipped with an expanded memory socket of SD card.
USB port for computer connection and DC power in.
Equipped with a monitor speaker.
Stereo earphone jack.
Built-in flash memory.
Work at two AA batteries, or USB DC 5V adaptor
Size: 15.5(L) x 8.5(W) x 3(H) cm


S/N ratio at 1KHz: 55dB

USB interface: Mini-B type (USB 2.0 Full-Speed compatible)

Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz

Built-in speaker: 0.1Watt, 32 Ohm

Built-in microphone: omni-directional condenser microphone type

Weight: 200g (not include batteries)

Input: Two 1/4” mono for selection of extension microphone (6.3Φ)

 Line-in, and E. Guitar (plug-in power 1.5V)

 Built-in stereo microphones (L & R)           

Output: 1/8” stereo headphone (3.5Φ)
 1/8” stereo Line out   (3.5Φ)


Recording media:

Internal flash memory 128MB, SD memory card (16MB - 2GB)

SDHC memory card (support up to 32 GB)

SD card
format type:


Recording format:

WAV (16bit), sample rate: 8/16/22/24/32/44.1/48/96KHz

WAV (24bit), sample rate: 8/16/22/24/32/44.1/48KHz

MP3 (16bit), sample rate : 16/22/32/44.1/48 KHz

Playback format:

WAV: PCM WAV sample rate: 8KHz, 16KHz, 32KHz and 44.1KHz

MP3: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG2.5 Layer3, from 32K-320Kbps

Power requirements:

AA battery x 2

Battery life:

5 hours for recording, or 6 hours for playback (by earphone)

(Alkaline batteries)


Two lapel microphones, USB cable, two AA batteries, and a headphone


15.5 X 8.5 X 3 cm