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 HD-400 SkyShare System
HD-400 SkyShare Positive
HD-400 SkyShare Back
   The easiest way to bring people the great ideas, projects and sharing together by simply plug in and tap to share. Users also can share the contents on the IOS/ Android mobile devices on the presentation screen without complicated cables set-up, no need to wait for a long time to take part in and no software installation requests.

 With this wireless share system it really bring users a simple, efficient, interactive and super easy and smooth way to hold the meetings, presentations and brain storm.

Support Win7/8/10、Apple Mac OS operating systems.
Solving the annoying problem that always needs to copy the presentation files to the PC which connected with projector before conference start.
Presenters can doing presentations on their seats through the wireless or Ethernet cable to projecting the contents. [Wireless transmitting distance: Up to 30 meters in the accessible environment.]
Solving the problem that tablet or smart phone can not doing projecting in the traditional way. [Android tablet or smart phone can download the application from receiver main unit directly.]
Mobile wireless projecting makes presentation and lecture more brilliant and vivider.
Perfect apply in small and medium size meeting room or multimedia classroom to achieve wireless application new era.

HD-400 Host Device
USB Skyshare Transmitter

Receiver main unit :
Support up to quad-pictures display at same time, support multiple users presenting together and freely switch multi-presentation view. Display mode: Single-picture, dual-pictures, quad-pictures and POP.
Also have single-picture and dual-pictures could choose:
* Single- picture: Receiver main unit (model: HD-100) *1 + USB Skyshare transmitter *1 .
* Dual- pictures: Receiver main unit (model: HD-200) *1 + USB Skyshare transmitter *2
Support mouse/touch resending to process PowerPoint page flipping; Support side column tool which can editing marks on the any display pictures and also can saving marks pictures anytime.
Support emcee mode, freely to choose picture to output and can operate welcome mode.
Support operate VGA,HDMI dual-output simultaneously, resolution: 720P~1080P.
Build-in feature applications- for example: Clock, Super voice recorder ,File explorer…. etc
Setting via receiver main unit to rotary output images 90°,180°,270° . To apply with tablet or smart phone to presents the vertical or upside down images.
Dual-WiFi design, support smart phone operating wireless projecting meanwhile surfing internet.[ Capable connected by wireless or Ethernet cable]

USB Skyshare transmitter :
USB wireless images transmission, no software installation requests to achieve Plug-in and Play.
Just single tap to display full screen image.
To solve two problems:
1. Projector interface not match with laptop interface.
2. Projector cable has bad signal connection after users plug in/out cable frequently and also it will shorten the projector's lifetime.

Application :

Specifications :
Wireless share receiver HD-400
Configuration Green software dose not need downloading or assembling under same local network.
Support operate system Windows 7/8/10、Apple Mac
Resolution 720P~1080P
Frame Audio and Video 25~30 frame
Latency 100~200ms
Display mode Support desktop reflection
Touch Panel Control Support Counter control(Windows、Mac)
Number of connections 1~100(Base on different versions to open different permissions.)
Max numbers of simultaneously display 4 pictures [ Model HD-100:1 picture, Model HD-200: 2 pictures]
Conferencing Model
Host Model : Host can control or choose the specific to share
Participants Model :
First press button first to share
Network Connection RJ45 and 5G WIFI (Devise has build-in 5F WI-FI AP)
Operate System :
System Version Android 5.1.1
Central Processor ARM Cortex A17 x 4
Storage Space 8G
Wire Network RJ-45
SoftAP 802.11AC 5G AP
USB port 2
HDMI output 1
VGA output 1
Audio 3.5mm audio de-embedded
Wi-Fi antenna 3, combined with SoftAP
HDMI/VGA output Simultaneously :
Resolution 720P~1080P
USB Wireless Share Button 4 sets (Model HD-100:1 set, Model HD-200: 2 sets)
Installation No software requires, duel-WiFi :5.8G AP + 5.8G STA
Interface USB
Support System Windows 7/8/10、Apple Mac
Resolution 720P~1080P
Frame Audio and Video 25~30 frame
Latency 100~200ms
Display mode Support desktop reflection
Touch counter control Support 10 points touch return(Windows 7/8/10);
Support mouse mode return(Windows、Mac)
Number of connections 1~8 (If need connect over 8, it will need configure engineering router)
Max numbers of simultaneously display 4 pictures
Wireless Speed Main unit: 1200Mbps, USB button: 300Mbps
Transmission Protocol IEEE 802.11 a/g/n
Band 5.8G
Security AES
Verify protocol


Video/Audio :
Video encode Support H.264、H.265、VP8、RV、WMV、AVS、H.263、MPEG4
Encode resolution 1080P
Touch system :
Interface USB HID
Infrared touch Support
Mouse Support
Capacitance touch Support
Power supply DC: 5V2A, 10W
Dimension(L*H*W) 180 x 115 x 35 mm
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