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Conference Echo Canceller HS-168
Telephone Meeting Coupler Function: :
This telephone meeting coupler is compatible with FSK/DTMF system.
With 16 digit LCD display screen.
The LCD 5 level contrast is adjustable.
With the date and time settings.
This coupler supports the preset dial, redial and delete .functions.
With eight kinds of ring type setting.
Can memory 16 set phone number display.
Have (REDIAL)、(HOLD) function.
Conference Echo Canceller HS-168
Dual-Tone Dial Function :
The frequency of the low-frequency group:697Hz、770Hz、852Hz、941Hz.
The frequency of high-frequency group:1209Hz、1336Hz、1477Hz.
Single frequency deviation of ± 1.5% in the range.
Dual tone multi-frequency signal.
The frequency of the low frequency level of the single group:-9dBm ± 3dB.
Dual-tone multi-frequency signal.
High-frequency group level single frequency:-7dBm ± 3dB.
Any combination of frequencies.
The frequency group level is higher than the low base level 2 dB ± 1dB.
At least the low overall level below the fundamental level caused by the harmonic intermodulation 20dB.
Conditions of use:Ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃. Relative Humidity:10% ~ 95%.
Environmental Noise:≤60dB(A). Atmospheric pressure:86~106 kpa.
The machine uses 110V AC power supply. Appearance: standard rack type.
Conference Echo Canceller HS-168
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